Let us design the Homes and Offices For You Call Us the Innovative, Reliable, and Forward-Looking Architects in Chandigarh

We are a team of top-notch architects in Chandigarh with a zeal to make innovation a reality for buildings. Also offering services as interior designers in Chandigarh, we design the interiors and illustrate a vision for the entire building. Our scope of services covers everything from your dream home to your commercial space. We are driven by the zeal to take your architectural dreams forward and craft them with efficiency. 


Let Us Create Spaces That Speak About You

The Designers and Architects for Your Home

We are one of the top architectural firms in Chandigarh, the dream city of India’s first prime minister. Planned by Le Corbusier, the visionary architect, we have more than enough reasons to call it a beautiful city. For a place so efficiently designed, you cannot settle your next project’s architecture for anything less. And to make sure of that, we propose our residential architectural services. 

We Lead Your Commercial Space

We proudly call ourselves your search result for interior designers near me. Wondering the secret behind our confidence? It’s our vision to make the best out of your available space. At 261-Degree Projects, we ensure proper planning and designing of your commercial space. While our residential projects focus on creating a relaxing space, our commercial projects aim to build a functional one. 

We Bring the Ideas for Institutional Properties

When we call ourselves one of the best architects in Chandigarh, we also promise to deliver the best spaces to you. And that’s why we have not kept ourselves limited to working on residential and commercial projects. With institutional projects, we focus on matching the standards of excellence. At the same time, we also attain other social, functional, and economic elements. 

Kid's Room

Let Us Create Spaces That Speak About You

We work with a goal to deliver successful results,
which we believe is a blend of functionality and imagination. And we also

Understand Your Needs

We eagerly look forward to understanding your requirements. Well, that is how our team of interior designers and architects in Chandigarh perceives your vision. We then prepare strategies to transform that into architectural expression accompanied by functionality and practicality.

Offer Inventive Solutions

Ever since we embarked, we have ensured thorough research, careful planning, and understanding of every space we work in the entire process. We believe in the concept of bringing the practicality of designing spaces with our innovative insights into them.

Come With Exceptionally Good Designs

We believe everyone has witnessed impractical and nonfunctional designs, and we don’t want yours to be like them. That is why we aim to come up with flexible, timeless, yet functional designs which increase the value of the building. We are eager to know if you want the same too!

Work With a Vision for Tomorrow

The structure you are looking to build today has to stay intact for tomorrow and years after that. With that in mind, we envision the designs accordingly. As one of the best architects in Chandigarh, we take pride in stating that we ensure not to settle for anything less. 

And all you need to do is to inform us when you want to meet up for the discussion!

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We think everyone’s goal of owning a beautiful space should be accomplished. So don’t worry if you can’t drive to us and say hello in person, we can reach you via our online consultation platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do both architecture and interiors?

Absolutely! At 261 degree projects, We excel in architecture as well as interior design. We also specialize in renovations. We first design your space using our architectural knowledge, then, wearing our designer hats, we enhance it.

How can hiring an architect/ interior designer help me?

You would not hire a plumber to fix your accounts? So why hesitate before hiring an architect/interior designer when you have a house/office to get built? We assist you in making the best use of every space squarely, making the spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing. Because you are unique, so should everything around you be. We listen to your needs and deliver!

Will hiring an Architect make my project expensive?

The architect's fees are minimal in comparison to the overall cost of the project, yet the experience they bring is invaluable. You receive the greatest deals thanks to our experience, contacts, and network with professional contractors, vendors and dealers.

How much will the fees be?

We will help you choose the plan that best fits your budget. To match your goals and your requirements, we provide a range of packages. So please pick the one that suits you best from ‘Our Packages’ section and talk to us to know the fees. Let's start building!

How much do you charge for the initial consultation?

When it comes to building your dream space, the first consultation is the key. We only require your time and patience as the fee. Guide us through your thoughts and vision, and we will look at your place with the same eye and provide nothing less than excellence.

What kind of follow-up support will we receive?

Trust us when we say we will guide you throughout the way till your building is up and living! With a dedicated designer assigned to you to answer your queries, a WhatsApp support group, regular site visits, and meetings for discussion, we are here to save the day.

What about site visits?

Site visits are made on a regular basis to inspect the execution of work, the implementation of drawings, the resolution of on-site issues, and the quality of construction. We make sure everything happens as per the plan making the most out of your preferences and desires.

What will be my role during the whole process?

You are the core, as everything revolves around you. Your requirements, faith in us, seriousness, and involvement is all we ask. It is your space therefore you deserve to know everything. We make sure you are a part of the journey from start to finish.

How long will it take to complete the drawings?

Each stage takes 1-2 weeks, whether conceptual presentation or execution drawings. Drawings are given in 2-3 sets according to the pace of work.

Which all places do you offer your services?

We work in Tricity, i.e., Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali & Punjab, and Haryana. Also serving in Kasauli, Solan, and Shimla belt in Himachal region. We provide consultations pan India too through our online consultation model. 

    Our team will get in touch with you.