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From fashion to home interiors, trends reflect a generation in many ways. In architecture, they can impact how your space will influence your lifestyle. For instance, the arrangement of living rooms changed decades ago after television became a common item in households. Similarly, the modern living style has played with residential designs in different ways, bringing unique architectural trends for us.

Considering that you want to implement the latest architecture trends for your home, this post will help you learn about them. You can have clarity about them before reaching the architects in Chandigarh.

Open Space

Open space is the first trend in our list, which is here because of many reasons. First, it can make your home feel more welcoming and friendly. As an architectural trend, it represents homeowners’ desire to connect with their friends and family. The home’s common areas turn into communal spaces with many activities going on simultaneously.

Larger Windows 

Larger windows bring the sights from the outside world on the inside, but there is much more than the beauty they bring to the room. These add to the passive homes, which you can define as a design standard emphasising efficient, healthy, and comfortable buildings. Here, using larger windows with e-glass contributes to lowering artificial lighting and hindering UV rays and heat simultaneously.


Minimalism is finding its way towards residential architecture, particularly with the materials to be used. Timber is more in sight than concrete blocks, adding earthy tones that contrast well with the natural surroundings. The concept is also associated with sustainability, which can bring not only environmental but economic benefits also.

Smart Storage

From children’s toys to the newly introduced wardrobe, present-day architecture has storage solutions for everything. And that is because of the inbuilt storage, which brings solutions for almost everything. 

For example, if you want the previously discussed open space concept to include your kitchen, you won’t have to worry about clutter. That’s because you can shift that to a separate pantry space. You can sit with the best architects in Chandigarh to discuss these kinds of spaces and designs.

Kitchen Space

As previously discussed, kitchens are becoming the centre of attention in every home. They are also merging the seating area, eliminating the need to add the dining room. Moreover, they are becoming a space where families can come together in just one space. So yes, bigger kitchens are the new trend.

Flexible Room

Flexibility can cover a building’s ability to modify its spacious layout and also its structure to developing needs. As a concept for your rooms, it can allow you to upgrade them without having to worry about making major changes. It can also save you from spending a good amount of money on the makeover of your room in the future.

Summing Up

The architectural element you choose to add to your home can speak a lot about your lifestyle. Considering that, this post has taken you to the six of them, including flexibility, minimalism, and open spaces. Concepts like smart storage, larger windows, and a bigger kitchen are also part of the list.

As one of the best architects in Chandigarh, we also strive to make them a reality for your homes. We are a team of interior designers and architects you can count on for your home designs and structure. We see our every project beyond bricks and beans; instead, it is the blend of our designs and your emotions. Rest, let us connect to discuss your residential architecture further.



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