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A good home interior design holds the power to make homes more compelling while improving your experience. It enhances the space, combines beauty with functionality, and symbolises your taste. Considering all these aspects, you need to finalise the concept you want in your home before reaching your Interior Designers. In this blog, let us take you to one of the trending designs and concepts-BOHO DESIGN! 

First, let us begin by learning what the concept is all about. So, here we go!

The Boho Concept

What is the first picture coming to your mind on hearing the term bohemian? Something beyond conventional, right? You can use the term bohemian to refer to someone who is socially free-spirited and has their involvement in arts most often.

Let us discuss how the boho concept can blend with interior design.

Boho means unconventional aesthetic, which blends artistic expression and cultures into an unconventional style, focusing on natural and organic elements. Call it bohemian or boho, this interior design style celebrates vibrant colours, textures, and patterns.

When you opt for boho interior design, you also focus on maximalism. This concept is the perfect fit for individuals who want their home filled with life, culture, and all the interesting items.

The Origin of the Boho Concept

You have already reached here to learn about the boho concept for your home. We hope you wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes to learn about its origin.

When it comes to the origin of the bohemian style, the beginning involves bohemians. You can find this concept originating from the way of life that came into existence in France after the French Revolution. This style emerged in interior designs at the beginning of the 19th century. Writers, artists, nomads, and performers inspired people to introduce it.

Before you can approach the best interior designers in Mohali, let us help you picturise the concept for your home.


Plants are beautiful and fit right for your home interiors while highlighting boho design. They can fill your indoor spaces with nature’s essence, improve air quality, and add vibrance to your home.

You can add succulents in different textures and shapes. You can also go for low-maintenance house plants like dracaena and snake plants. However, there is something you need to figure out first, and that is asking your interior designer for a nook for these plants.

Low-Key Lighting

Your boho interiors need low-key lighting to bring a welcoming atmosphere. Apart from overhead lighting, you can also introduce the table or floor lamps, lanterns, and candles.

Well, there is another thing about lighting that needs your attention, and that is natural lighting. After all, bohemian style is a free-spirited concept and justly wild, calling you to blend outdoors inside.

Colour Palette

The rules for colours for the bohemian concept are to include metallics, jewel tones, and warm earthy colours. Considering that, you can finalise shades like rich browns, greys, and greens for your base colour. Go ahead with flaming orange, purple, and electric blue accent colours.

Bohemian interiors need the use of different blends and layering of colours. Feel free to bring textures and patterns together. If you are looking to add exoticism and drama to your interiors, coloured designs and textiles can be your solution here.

What Else?

Let us look for other ways you can add the bohemian concept to your interiors.

Prioritise culture, blend various patterns with rich colours, or add a vibe that combines bohemian and Scandinavian concepts. You can dedicate a gallery wall to bring a personal touch; don’t miss out on statement pieces. And, if you are looking for a fun touch, glitzy and earthy textures are what you need.

Calling It a Wrap!

It’s time to conclude this post on including bohemian concepts for your interiors. In this post, you have been introduced to the bohemian concepts, their emergence, and their usage in your interiors. Apart from it, you have also become familiar with three ways to picturise your home with bohemian interiors.

You need to fill your indoors with indoor plants, calling you to dedicate a space for them. You can also bring low-key lighting into your home design and include metallics, warm earthy and jewel tones for your colour pallets.

We hope this post has left you intrigued by the boho concept for your home interiors by now. If that’s the case, reaching the best interior designers in Mohali can be your next step. Let this blog help you here as well. At 261 Degree Projects, you can connect and discuss your requirements with our interior designers. We can dedicate our services to designing your dream home.


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