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Discover the Top Residential Architecture Trends in 2023

Residential architecture is witnessing continuous evolution. Today, the field is set to have exciting trends such as sustainable design, smart home technology, etc. These trends not only possess the capability of infusing aesthetics into the space but also contribute to an eco-friendly environment. 

The environment is dealing with climate conditions or global warming at high rates. That is why sustainability has become an integral part of residential architecture in Panchkula. You may ask your experts to build the structure that may make your living ground greener and fresher. This may involve the usage of sustainable designs and materials. 

So, if you wish to have a living space that may look more like scenery., keep reading this blog. We’ve discovered the latest trends in residential architecture that you may consider for your space. 


Green architecture is one of the top preferences for most people. The construction of green buildings includes sustainable and natural solutions and materials. So, it is not just about the looks but also how it’s been constructed and how efficient it is in functionality. 

Wood Construction 

Building constructions are responsible for climate conditions up to a great extent. This requires an immediate response, like the trend of using wood in residential architecture in Panchkula.

Professionals prefer to opt for wood construction as timber has less carbon footprint in comparison to other structural materials. Aside from this, timber is being used for modular construction that requires on-site assembling.

Liveable Architecture

There is a strong effect of textures, smells, and sounds of interiors on people. If people feel fresh in their living environment, they can feel better about their life. 

The easiest way to infuse goodness in living space is to use wood. 

An interior with natural texture and colour can bring the occupants a sense of warmth and comfort. You can also opt for brushed wood or mix-and-match profiles, which is an effective way to create a 3D effect in the area. 

Also, wood is a great material with a pleasant smell and acoustic benefits. 

Connect With 261 Degree Projects and Have a Natural-Looking Space!

Everyone wishes to live in sustainable and eco-friendly buildings. There is a great impact of a green and fresh environment on people’s well-being. 

That’s why professional architects look for sustainable solutions when it comes to residential architecture in Panchkula.

You can connect with 261 Degree Projects to consult more about the sustainable design of your space. 


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